Treehouse in the USA: The Cinder Cone

Treehouses are the embodiment of 'tiny living' and The Cinder Cone with its 220 square feet of living space is a testament to what can be achieved in a small amount of space

Treehouses are the embodiment of ‘tiny living’ and The Cinder Cone is a testament to what can be achieved in a small amount of space. This could be because the architect of this space spent many years living nomadically in a van and was therefore forced to think smartly about how to live on very limited square meters! Located in Washington, this pair of incredible structures is the perfect home base for someone who enjoys living small, while retaining a huge outlook and in many ways, an even bigger life.

Each of the two houses making up The Cinder Cone provides 220 square feet of living space. One is for the owner himself, and the second is intended as a guest house. The buildings are connected to each other by a narrow footbridge and from every spot of the impressive build, there are wonderful views of the distant forest and hills. Each hut is wrapped around a Douglas fir tree and the feelings of being both alone in and at one with the surrounding forest are inescapable.

Construction of The Cinder Cone was a real community effort. It took more than a year, and was accomplished through the hard work of a group of friends and the technical knowhow of carpenter relations! Tiny living does not necessarily mean having to give up luxury, which this treehouse points out by having hot tubs dotted around the buildings and a custom made skate park built into the hill below. Even though the house is small, it does not mean that it need not incorporate all of one’s childhood dreams!

The views from every angle of The Cinder Cone are outstanding. This is definitely the place to be to feel immersed in nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a real retreat, and what a treat to be able to call this awesome spot ‘home’.

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