Finca Bellavista Treehouse Village

A philosophy of preservation of the wild has guided the growth of the Finca Bellavista treehouse hotel which nowadays sits on 600 acres, including an entire peninsula of rainforest mountains, frontage on two whitewater rivers, big trees, organic gardens, and lots of Costa Rican wildlife
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Nestled deep within the heart of Costa Rica, Finca Bellavista isn’t your everyday treehouse hotel. Its roots lie in a love story – not between two individuals, but between two visionaries and the endangered land they adored.

Flashback to 2006, a beautiful stretch of 62 acres was on the brink of becoming a logging site. Enter the founders of Finca Bellavista, who, driven by a dream of constructing a treehouse village amidst the verdant canopy, rescued the land from the saw’s bite. What started as a mere dream soon galvanized into a community-wide mission. The result? A remarkable off-grid paradise sculpted with collective determination, innovation, and unwavering community spirit.

From those initial 62 acres, the village has sprawled to an expansive 600 acres. This haven boasts a lush peninsula of rainforest mountains, the thrills of two whitewater rivers, magnificent trees, bountiful organic gardens, and a vibrant showcase of Costa Rican wildlife. The village’s growth mantra has been simple yet profound: preserve the wild. Guests, during their stay, don’t just witness nature; they immerse themselves in its thriving splendor.

With 14 distinct treehouses on offer, every stay at Finca Bellavista promises a unique tale. Individual ownership and design mean each abode bears its own character. Whether you’re scaling ladders, tiptoeing across rope bridges, or embarking on mini treks, accessing these treetop wonders calls for a dash of adventure. But for those who heed the call, the rewards – an unparalleled tryst with nature – are immeasurable.

Nightly rates for these tree-top sanctuaries start at a modest €150. And if a brief stay isn’t enough, the village also welcomes long-term tenants! For those inspired by Finca Bellavista’s vision, the community extends volunteering opportunities, making it a splendid way to relish the locale while augmenting the preservation efforts.

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