Kanopi House Treehouses

The Kanopi House Treehouses are luxury accommodations connected by a series of staircases and jungle-lined walkways and strategically built in the surrounding treetops, on a hill overlooking the famed Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica
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In the mesmerizing heart of Port Antonio, Jamaica, lies the Blue Lagoon – a paradise that challenges photographers to capture a poor angle. Amidst this spectacle, the Kanopi House Treehouses present a rare chance to relish this beauty from a bird’s-eye view, perched among the very treetops that define this lush landscape.

The Blue Lagoon is not just any body of water. Dive into the 55m-deep ‘Blue Hole’ and discover a world where freshwater springs meet the ocean. The resultant dance of waters unveils a shimmering array of jades and emeralds, painting a dynamic canvas as the sun journeys across the sky.

Standing tall on a hill overlooking this marvel, the Kanopi House Treehouses are a blend of innovation and nature. Linked by staircases and pathways, shrouded in the jungle’s embrace, each treehouse exudes a unique charm. Their strategic placement guarantees an intimate experience, making guests feel they’ve stumbled upon their own secluded haven. Be it open-plan designs or partitioned spaces, every house promises the gift of a deck. A space to simply be, soaking in the serene vistas.

Inside, the décor tells tales of harmonious coexistence. The omnipresent wood, celebrating the trees around, is complemented by contributions from local designers and artisans. The commitment to eco-friendliness isn’t just a statement but an experience, palpable in every corner.

Staying at the Kanopi House Treehouses presents a delightful dilemma. While the allure of luxurious interiors might tempt many to stay indoors, the call of the Blue Lagoon, mere steps away, is irresistible. With the shimmering waters beckoning for a refreshing plunge, guests find themselves joyfully torn between nature’s allure and man-made luxury. Rates begin at €270, but fluctuate based on the chosen treehouse and the season.

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Home » Listings » Americas » Central America » Jamaica » Kanopi House Treehouses