Islanna Treehouse Hotel

Built 6.5 feet up in an old oak tree in the woodland next to Hornborgasjön lake, Islanna Treehouse Hotel offers an absolutely fantastic opportunity for guests looking for a completely undisturbed retreat and enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding wildlife.
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Situated in the serene woodlands alongside Hornborgasjön lake in Sweden, the Islanna Treehouse Hotel offers a magical and unique lodging experience. Initially built with only one cabin, the growing demand for the enchanting experience of sleeping amid the treetops led to the construction of a second treehouse. Today, guests can choose between two remarkable treehouses, the Andrum Treehouse and Seventh Heaven, both offering a perfect blend of luxury and tranquil seclusion in a lush forest setting, guaranteed to help guests forget their stresses.

The first cabin at Islanna Treehouse Hotel, the picturesque Andrum, is ideal for guests seeking a special getaway that offers both serenity and excitement. Perched 6.5 feet above the ground in an ancient oak tree, Andrum provides unrivaled views and complete seclusion. Surrounded by the generous canopy of majestic oaks, guests will find themselves gently swaying with the wind as they drift off to sleep. The 18 m² room, usable year-round, features walls painted in carefully chosen, soothing, harmonious colors. Andrum also boasts two patios, offering guests sunlit spaces during midday and sunset, complemented by breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Seventh Heaven is a splendid addition to the Islanna Treehouse Hotel, drawing architectural inspiration from ancient structures in towns like Trosa, old Linköping, Hjo, and notably from Mössebergsparken in Falköping. Guests will feel as if they are sleeping under the stars in the wilderness while still enjoying the comfort and amenities of a well-appointed house. Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed to a beautifully decorated room complete with fruits, chocolate, and a small bottle of bubbly. A delightful breakfast awaits guests the next morning, hoisted up to the balcony, featuring warm stone-baked bread fresh from a traditional open-fire oven.

Rates for a stay at Islanna Treehouse Hotel start at €250 per night, inclusive of the delightful extra treats mentioned.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » Islanna Treehouse Hotel