Å Auge River Eye Treehouse

Towering six meters above the Tessungåe river that runs down from the great plateau of Norway, Hardangervidda, Å Auge River Eye Treehouse offers a spectacular sight to behold whether on a warm and clear summer's day or on a snowy winter morning
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In the heart of Norway’s enchanting wilderness, the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse beckons adventurers and romantics alike. Regardless of the season – be it sun-drenched summer days or the winter’s snowy embrace – the treehouse offers breathtaking views of its verdant surroundings, making it a visual treat.

Resting majestically among towering fir trees, this architectural marvel comprises two distinct sections. One segment gracefully perches on stilts, while the other ingeniously wraps itself around the robust tree trunks. The pristine Tessungåe river flows gently in the foreground, harmonizing with the forest’s serene ambiance, enhancing the treehouse’s allure.

A standout feature of the Å Auge River Eye Treehouse is its vast glass facade, creating almost the entire front wall. This expansive window provides guests with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the gleaming river and dense forest. Immersed in this setting, visitors often feel that the boundary between nature and man-made diminishes, with the trees taking center stage in this picturesque tableau.

Inside, the treehouse is a marvel of design efficiency. Perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway, its interior can equally accommodate families and larger groups without compromising comfort. The ground floor houses two snug sleeping alcoves, while the mezzanine boasts a dreamy sleeping loft. Here, expansive windows and a generous skylight ensure that guests can drift off to sleep under a canopy of stars.

The treehouse’s terrace is a haven in itself. Sitting here, it’s as if the Tessungåe river courses directly beneath, with the treetops enveloping you. In the summer, a full-sized bed on the terrace provides an al fresco bedroom experience. And for a touch of luxury? A private riverside tub awaits. Guests can indulge in a steamy soak, absorbing the tranquil views around.

For those itching to experience this blend of luxury and wilderness, bookings are available through Airbnb. Starting at €360 per night, it promises an unforgettable retreat.

Photos courtesy of Å Auge River Eye on Airbnb.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Norway » Å Auge River Eye Treehouse