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Set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada, the Free Spirit Spheres are meant to be a place to meditate and commune with nature and re-connect, while reducing the human footprint to near zero.
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High above the ground, swaying gently with the rhythms of nature, you’ll find the unique Free Spirit Spheres, Luna, Eryn, and Melody. Nestled deep within Vancouver Island’s lush rainforest, these meticulously crafted spherical treehouses offer an unparalleled escape. Built as an epitome of sustainable luxury, they cater to those who seek an intimate communion with nature without compromising on comfort.

Designed with an artistic flair reminiscent of yachts, the interiors of these treehouses gleam with brass trim, polished wood, and intricate cane doors. Inspired by the principles of bio-mimicry, each sphere resonates with its surroundings, seamlessly blending human habitation with the forest ecosystem. Their delicate design even extends to the smallest of the spheres – Eve. With its compact build, it promises guests a rejuvenating spiritual connection, oscillating harmoniously with the gentle movements of the trees, sparking a symphony of creativity.

Taking cues from nature, the spherical shape, akin to a protective nutshell, showcases an impressive resilience against external impacts. The intricate web of ropes, reminiscent of a spider’s masterpiece, anchors these spheres to numerous robust points in the trees. This adaptive design allows both the trees and spheres to move freely, imparting a sensation of floating to those inside.

However, don’t let the serene exterior deceive you. The Free Spirit Spheres boast interiors brimming with modern conveniences. There’s no need for guests to compromise on amenities amidst the wilderness. Equipped with electricity and built-in speakers, guests can experience the true essence of surround sound, ensconced within the verdant embrace of the forest.

For those who yearn for an immersive rainforest experience, the Free Spirit Spheres promise a unique encounter with nature, irrespective of the season. Whether blanketed by winter snow, adorned with spring blooms, bathed in summer sun, or swathed in autumn hues, each visit is distinctive. And for those intrigued, a stay ranges from $334/night for the more intimate Eryn sphere to $374 for the spacious Luna.

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