Bàlvedere Treehouse

The Bàlvedere Treehouse is built amidst four fir trees 12 meters above the ground in a private garden in a suburb of Basel, Switzerland, with windows in the walls and ceiling giving views to the distant mountains of France
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In a quaint suburb of Basel, Switzerland, a unique architectural marvel finds its roots. Four fir trees cradle the Bàlvedere Treehouse, a vision brought to life by a homeowner’s yearning for a vantage point from which to gaze at Basel’s cityscape and the distant mountains of France.

Ascending the treehouse requires navigating three meticulously crafted staircases and two transitional landings. But the reward at the summit? A breathtaking terrace situated 12 meters above terra firma. Here, nestled amid nature’s canopy, the sensation of being high above the world is juxtaposed with the intimate embrace of tree branches. It’s as if nature itself offers a protective shield against vertigo.

Architecturally, the cabin’s exterior is a cubic masterpiece, cloaked in a brilliant array of copper sheets. Over time, as copper tends to do, the sheen will fade, causing the cabin to seamlessly blend with its arboreal neighbors. But this transformation isn’t merely cosmetic. It symbolizes the treehouse’s evolution, from a striking addition to the landscape to an integral part of the forest, almost hiding in plain sight.

Stepping inside, one is greeted by a harmonious blend of oil-treated oak and soothing grey wool felt, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance. However, the true magic of this abode is its panoramic experience. A vast glass wall, acting as a portal to the terrace, offers uninhibited views, while strategically placed windows on every wall and even the ceiling guarantee a 360-degree visual feast. No matter where you stand or sit inside, Basel and its surroundings are always in sight.

But the allure of Bàlvedere isn’t limited to daylight hours. Come nightfall, soft illumination bathes each level of the treehouse, ensuring its majesty stands out against the inky darkness.

Reserve a visit and experience this unique blend of architectural innovation and nature’s splendor. Every detail of the Bàlvedere Treehouse has been curated to provide a serene, unmatched experience, truly making it Basel’s crowning jewel.

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