Treehouse in the US: The Cube

One look at this treehouse office nestled amid the treetops and you might contemplate how to change your life in order to have a workspace with such an incredible view. Peter Frazier, a customer experience consultant, decided after years of working at an office and gaining over 50 pounds that he needed to make a change in his life – so he built this incredible treehouse office in the woods.

Set amongst the trees above Chuckanut Bay in Bellingham, Washington, his lofted treehouse Cube serves as a workspace and guest room, and it has a green roof on top too. The gorgeous office sits below the main house and is nestled into the trees to blend in to its environs. With glass on three sides of the cube and a cantilevered deck overlooking the Bay, Frazier has plenty of inspiration from his desk. The green roof on top helps insulate the little treehouse office as well as camouflage it within the forest – from above the cube would practically disappear.

“I designed my office to be as unobtrusive as possible, to be an uncluttered work space, a guest house that keeps ’em coming back, and an inspired meditation room. It has a green roof so when we see the structure from the house it fits into the forest.

When I started as a graphic designer back in the early 90s the equipment we used necessitated a much larger space. The first system for the business was a Mac Ci, then it was one tower after another, light tables, laser printers, scanners, backup drives, and all that. A few years ago I realized that my laptop and iPhone were all I really needed to run my end of our customer experience consultancy. I could give up my big office and work within a small cube…a cube with a view.” – Peter Frazier

Frazier knows for certain that his home office helps him lead a healthier lifestyle. He eliminates his commute by working from home, has more time for his family and to spend outdoors, and has devised a better system for working. To avoid back and sciatica problems Frazier works standing up, which probably also gives him a better view of the ocean. His desk consists of a plank of cedar, and there are no extra desk chairs, lamps or extraneous items in this simple and uncluttered office space.

Architect: Peter Frazier and

Source: inhabitat / Photo credit Peter Frazier

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