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The Lov’nid tree house hotel (the "love nest" in English) is worthy of its name: it is a hanging cocoon made to spend a one of a kind night among the treetops...
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Nestled in the heart of Dihan, positioned strategically between Carnac and Quiberon and a short 7km jaunt from Auray’s historic port of St-Goustan, lies a unique and enchanting haven – Les Cabanes Perchées de Dihan.

The tale behind Dihan Evasion is as enchanting as the locale itself. Myriam and Arno, once educators, chose a different path, breathing life into an ancestral family farmstead. Their vision transformed it into a sanctuary offering distinct accommodations amidst nature’s embrace. While guests can enjoy the traditional allure of rooms and chalets, the daring at heart can venture into exotic options: the rustic charm of a Mongolian yurt, the whimsy of a wooden caravan, the ethereal appeal of a treehouse, or the exhilaration of a tree-suspended tent.

One such jewel in their crown is the “Lov’nid” treehouse hotel, aptly translating to the “love nest” in English. Envision a hanging cocoon nestled in Brittany’s enigmatic woods, tailor-made for unforgettable nights amidst the treetops. Whether seeking a distinct vacation or a romantic sojourn, this is the place to disconnect and let dreams take flight. With its circular design showcasing a plush bed and a porthole offering stellar views, this nest is nothing short of a dream factory.

The magic of the Lov’nid isn’t standalone. It draws inspiration from the iconic Canada” href=”https://treehousemap.com/listing/treehotel-canada-free-spirit-spheres/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Free Spirit Sphere that graces the rainforests of Vancouver Island, Canada. This spherical lodging concept, suspended amidst trees, has indeed set precedents.

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Home » Listings » Europe » France » Lov’nid Treehouse