Vineyard Loft Treehouse

Located in one of the largest wine regions in Latin America, Vineyard Loft sits on 20 acres in the Mendoza countryside overlooking Malbec vines and offers unparalleled star gazing through numerous skylights.
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Nestled amidst the sprawling vineyards of Latin America’s eminent wine regions, Entre Cielos stands as a beacon of luxury in the Mendoza countryside. Spanning 20 acres, guests are treated to panoramic views of lush Malbec vines with the majestic snow-capped Andes as the backdrop—an embodiment of the Modern Mendoza Experience.

The genius behind this venture, a Swiss developer, envisioned a wellness treehouse hotel near the bustling Argentinean city of Mendoza. The prime location, right in the heart of a vineyard, set the scene for an unparalleled guest experience. Entre Cielos transcends standard luxury accommodations—it comprises the principal edifice complemented by distinct external lodgings like the celebrated Vineyard Loft.

The Vineyard Loft stands tall as an emblem of luxury, offering guests an elevated vantage point over the vineyard. This luxurious retreat boasts an outdoor jacuzzi, providing relaxation under the vast Mendoza sky. The added allure? Skylights that offer uninhibited stargazing—a celestial experience like no other.

Initially, traditional treehouses were mooted for the property. However, given the lack of suitable trees, this vision seemed elusive. Enter Baumraum, tasked with crafting luxury lodgings that seamlessly blended comfort with compactness. Their innovative approach led to the creation of elliptical cabins, adorned with external terraces, and supported by a series of irregularly spaced steel columns. These structures, standing approximately five meters above ground, are accessible through a dual-flight stairway, leading to the grand entrance of the Vineyard Loft.

To contend with Mendoza’s scorching summers and chilly winters, the design prioritized robust shading and superior thermal insulation, ensuring guests an uninterrupted comfortable stay, irrespective of the season.

For those yearning to immerse themselves in this opulence, the Vineyard Loft awaits. Reserve your luxurious retreat at and secure a fabulous deal for an unforgettable stay. Prices start at a competitive $410 per night, accompanied by the assurance of instant confirmations and flexible cancellation policies on most rooms.

Dive deeper into the architectural nuances and design inspiration at Baumraum. For a visual treat, explore the breathtaking photography from

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Home » Listings » Americas » South America » Argentina » Vineyard Loft Treehouse