Baumgeflüster Treehouse

The Baumgeflüster treehouse hotel is located in Bad Zwischenahn at the lake, which is characterized by unique parkland made up of moors, heather, forest and meadows, as well as about 380 kilometres of well marked walking and cycling ways.
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Amidst the captivating parklands of Bad Zwischenahn in North Germany lies a unique architectural gem—the Baumgeflüster treehouse hotel. Nestled in the serene landscapes of The Ammerland, this region boasts stunning moors, sprawling meadows, lush forests, and the serene Bad Zwischenahn lake. It’s a destination that beckons nature enthusiasts with over 380 kilometres of well-marked trails, perfect for leisurely walks or invigorating bike rides.

However, the pièce de résistance here is undeniably the Baumgeflüster treehouse hotel, conceived and brought to life by Baumraum. In a region characterized by its traditional architectural styles, the treehouses provide a striking contrast. Designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic, the four cabins, each stretching almost 13 meters in length, are strategically placed amidst the trees, ensuring every visitor a tranquil, forested view.

A feat of engineering, the cabins sit atop 14 irregularly arranged steel columns, lending a sense of floating amidst the verdant canopy. Contrarily, the treehouse terraces are anchored, suspended from the trees themselves. This delicate balance of floating cabins and anchored terraces showcases a marriage of modern architecture with nature’s enduring beauty.

Accessing these elevated havens is a seamless experience, thanks to the straight steel stairways. Positioned 3.5 meters above the ground, these treehouses offer guests a unique vantage point, where the rustling of leaves and distant bird calls become the soundtrack of their stay.

If you’re considering a visit, here’s an essential note: The office address of Resort Baumgeflüster is distinct from the actual forested resort location. The tranquillity of the guests is of utmost priority, so drop-ins are discouraged. However, the resort is more than accommodating for scheduled visits, ensuring you can experience this forested marvel at a designated time.

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Brannenweg 22
Bad Zwischenahn 26160 NDS DE
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