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Treehotel in Japan: the Beach Rock treehouse

The Beach Rock Treehouse is not only one of the most impressive treehouse structures in the world but also one of the highest.

Not only is the Beach Rock Treehouse one of the most impressive tree house structures in the world, but it is also one of the highest. Described as a “plexiglass portal on the world”, the Beach Rock treehouse is perched right at the top of a tree in the Beach Rock resort in Okinawa, Japan.

Designed by Kobayashi Takashi, a former clothing buyer and now one of Japan’s leading tree house designers, this tree house was built back in 2005 with the express purpose of communicating with the space outside, and offering travelers a respite from the urban bustle of the city.

The tree house is only accessible by a set of stairs and at halfway of their climbing visitors can stop on a wooden platform and have a view on the surroundings before climbing a long ladder to the tree house itself.

Because this tree house is covered with mirror plexiglas that reflects the nature and the colors outside, the atmosphere inside the tree house evolves as the day goes by, changing color in the process and ensuring that the same house won’t be the same two hours in a row.

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