The Blue Cone Treehouse

Based on simplicity and accessibility, The Blue Cone is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness.
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Amid Sweden’s towering pines, an architectural enigma stands tall: the Blue Cone. Ironically, it’s not blue but radiates a vivid red, making a bold statement amid the verdant backdrop. The Blue Cone, with its distinct hue and design, encapsulates the essence of simplicity, interwoven with a profound respect for accessibility.

Constructed traditionally, this treehouse establishes its dominance with three solid ground foundations. This technique provides not just stability but an elevated sensation, almost as if it’s floating. It merges height with lightness, creating an ethereal experience for its visitors.

An elegant bridge from a neighboring mountain serves as the gateway to this treetop haven. This bridge isn’t just an architectural marvel; it’s a testament to Treehotel’s commitment to inclusivity, catering seamlessly to guests with disabilities. The exterior, carved out of laminated birch wood, boasts resilience and elegance. Inside, timber graces every nook and cranny of its 22m² space. The Blue Cone isn’t just a room; it’s an expansive suite. Accommodating four guests, it has separate sleeping quarters, a loft, a cozy living area, and a modern bathroom.

Nestled in a pine-rich expanse, the Treehotel resort offers an unparalleled view of the tranquil Lule River. Each treetop room, suspended 4-6 meters (13-20 feet) above the serene grounds, presents a vantage point like no other. Whether you ascend by ramp, bridge, or electric stairs, the panoramic Lule River vista awaits.

Thinking of immersing yourself in this paradoxical beauty? The Blue Cone is ready to host you. To ensure your treetop escape, book here. Embrace competitive rates, receive instant booking confirmations, and enjoy the luxury of FREE cancellations on most rooms via The price for such a retreat? A reasonable $545 for two guests.

When you opt for the Blue Cone, you’re not just choosing a room. You’re stepping into a vision, meticulously crafted by © treehotel, where architecture and nature dance in harmony.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » The Blue Cone Treehouse