The Dragonfly Treehouse

Built out of wood, with an exterior made out of sheet and metal big panoramic windows giving a magnificent view of the valley, The Dragonfly functions both as a conference space and private suite.
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Tucked away in the green expanse of a pine forest stands the Dragonfly, an architectural marvel and the crowning jewel of the Treehotel. This sprawling structure, which weighs a whopping 22 tons and spans over 52 square meters, reigns as the hotel’s most spacious room.

But size isn’t the Dragonfly’s only distinction. A masterpiece designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, the space moves seamlessly between a state-of-the-art conference facility and a luxurious private suite.

Venture up the 15-meter ramp and step into a realm of panoramic splendor. Oversized windows frame the lush valley, inviting nature indoors. Though constructed primarily of wood, the exterior features sheet metal that will age to a rust-brown finish, further enhancing its camouflage among the pines.

Business travelers will appreciate the well-appointed meeting space, which includes a lounge, two breakout rooms, and a conference table that comfortably seats 12. Modern amenities, including state-of-the-art conferencing equipment, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning, ensure that meetings run smoothly.

But the Dragonfly’s versatility shines when it transforms into a serene retreat for vacationers. Ideal for families or two couples, it offers an intimate getaway for four, ensuring everyone has plenty of room to unwind.

Nestled in the heart of a towering pine forest, the Treehotel Resort offers unparalleled views of the Lule River. Each distinctive room hangs 4-6 meters off the ground, promising an elevated experience, literally and figuratively. Accessibility is effortless with a choice of ramps, bridges or electric stairways.

Experience the unmatched luxury of the Dragonfly. Book your stay now to secure an exceptional rate. With most rooms offering FREE cancellation on, you have the flexibility you need. For a serene stay accommodating 2-4 guests, enjoy our competitive rate of only $835 per night.

Immerse yourself in an experience uniquely crafted by © treehotel, where Scandinavian design meets the grandeur of nature, culminating in an unparalleled sanctuary.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » The Dragonfly Treehouse