The UFO Treehouse

While working on the Bird’s Nest, which is largely in harmony with its surroundings, the idea of creating an entirely different environment was born. And what could be more different than an UFO?
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The harmony between nature and architecture is a delicate dance. While crafting the Bird’s Nest, a masterpiece that seamlessly blended with its surroundings, a revolutionary thought emerged at Treehotel. Why not deviate entirely from convention? And so, the UFO was conceived.

This isn’t your everyday treehouse. As the name suggests, the UFO conjures images of interstellar journeys and extraterrestrial encounters. Designed meticulously using advanced composite materials, the focus was not only on creating a durable structure but also a lightweight and sustainable masterpiece.

Step inside, and the space-age exterior gives way to contemporary comforts. Elegance meets functionality in its 30m² space, adequately accommodating five guests. While it provides a cozy double bed for adults, children get their separate sleeping corners, making it an ideal family getaway. The incorporation of a living area and a bathroom ensures that the modern-day traveler doesn’t miss out on any comfort.

The UFO’s distinct design isn’t its only allure. Situated in the vast expanse of a pine forest, it offers breathtaking views of the Lule River. Just like the other unique rooms at the Treehotel resort, the UFO is poised 4-6 meters (13-20 feet) above the ground, delivering an elevated perspective of the scenic surroundings. Accessibility? Whether you prefer a ramp, a bridge, or electric stairs, the choice is yours.

If this otherworldly experience intrigues you, don’t hesitate. The UFO awaits its next guest. To reserve your celestial retreat, click here. With competitive pricing, instant confirmation, and the option of FREE cancellations for most rooms on, your dream escape is just a click away. All this luxury for a mere $545 a night for two guests.

At the Treehotel, it’s not just about lodging; it’s about crafting memories. Delve into the magic, crafted by © treehotel, where imagination takes flight, and dreams touch the stars.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » The UFO Treehouse