Coldwater Treehouse

The Bridge House with its woodland sections and small wetlands containing swamp cypress, cedars, and magnolias, offers a habitat for a vast variety of mammals and reptiles.
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In the pristine northern reaches of Florida, Coldwater Creek meanders gracefully, cutting through dense woods and mystical swamplands before finding its way into the Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola. Recognizing the region’s raw, untouched beauty and the rich biodiversity it nurtures, a visionary couple with ties to both the USA and Brazil decided to breathe life into an eco-tourism dream.

This led to the inception of the Coldwater Treehouse—a serene escape nestled amidst nature’s symphony. The structure comprises two distinct cabins, each serving a unique purpose. The more spacious cabin beckons guests into a tranquil sleeping space, while its counterpart houses essential amenities—a bathroom and a snug kitchen. Connecting the duo is a partly-covered terrace, offering visitors a chance to immerse in the surroundings.

Complementing the treehouse is the ingeniously designed Bridge House. Straddling a ditch, it not only acts as a dwelling but also as a bridge, epitomizing functional architecture. Within its confines, the larger space harmoniously integrates a living room, bathroom, and sleeping quarters, whereas the cozier unit is equipped with a kitchen and additional sleeping arrangements for guests.

However, it’s the property’s sprawling landscape that truly enchants. It is a verdant tapestry of woodlands and wetlands, home to swamp cypress, cedars, and regal magnolias. This green sanctuary plays host to a plethora of mammals and reptiles. As it stretches out, it converges with cultivated cotton fields and expansive forests, with the Coldwater Creek’s bank forming its southeast periphery.

But, it’s the river that emerges as the crown jewel. Its pristine waters allure day trippers, inviting them for a refreshing dip or a leisurely canoe ride. And for those with a keen eye and a sprinkle of luck, spotting beavers in some of the waterways is not a rarity.

While the treehouse and Bridge House offer a secluded haven, the ultimate luxury they present is the chance to coexist, even if briefly, with nature. For those wishing to delve into architectural details or gather inspiration, Baumraum provides comprehensive insights, with Benjamin Curry capturing its essence through his evocative photography.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Coldwater Treehouse