Lion Sands Kingston Treehouse

The Kingston tree house hotel employs large sheets of glass combined with wood, to provide a safe and luxurious setting with a unique window to enjoy the view.
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One can’t help but be captivated at first sight of the Kingston Treehouse Hotel. Standing distinct from its peers at the Lion Sands Game Reserve, the Kingston is an architectural marvel. Differing from the rustic charm of the Chalkley Treehouse and the serene elegance of the Tinyeleti Treehouse, Kingston prides itself on its bold combination of vast glass panes and wood. This daring choice of materials culminates in a breathtaking spectacle, allowing guests to feel at one with nature while being ensconced in luxury.

The interiors of this luxe treehouse hotel bear a contemporary aesthetic, exuding sophistication in its choice of muted greys and whites. The deliberate touches of black and purple add a layer of opulence, making it an inviting sanctuary in the wild. Surrounded by the natural grandeur of boulders, the Kingston’s expansive glass surfaces serve as ever-changing canvases, reflecting the beauty of the African terrain in different lights and seasons.

At a rate of ZAR 2,750.00 per person per night (equivalent to approximately $235/£150/€189), guests can find themselves ensnared in the mesmerizing embrace of the Kingston Treehouse.

Lion Sands Game Reserve, as chronicled by The Coolist, is a haven situated in one of the globe’s “most naturally beautiful settings”. Here, guests are invited to witness the untamed spirit of African wildlife – the majesty of lions, the grandeur of elephants, the stealth of hippos, and the grace of giraffes. All this, while wrapped in the lavishness of the reserve’s accommodations. Besides the famed treehouses, the eco-resort is home to five intimate lodges, each providing a vantage point to the wonders of the African savannah. Elevated on platforms, these unique abodes ensure that each night under the African sky is an experience to treasure.

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Home » Listings » Africa » South Africa » Lion Sands Kingston Treehouse