Tongabezi Treehouse Hotel & Lodge

The Tongabezi Tree House Hotel, a beautifully designed open-plan suite built against the basalt rock bed, amongst the branches of a riverine Ebony tree.
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Tucked beside the shimmering waters of the Zambezi River, a mere whisper away from the world-famous Victoria Falls, the Tongabezi Lodge awaits, offering an experience of sheer African luxury like no other.

Boasting 10 intricately designed cottages and houses, the Tongabezi Treehouse Hotel & Lodge is far more than a mere lodging spot. Each space radiates its unique charm, ensuring visitors more than just a picturesque view: imagine waking up with a dedicated private valet at your beck and call. Step inside any abode, and you’re instantly captivated by the harmonious interplay of design. Open-plan layouts, inspired by African traditions, effortlessly showcase furnishings crafted exclusively from locally sourced treasures.

Yet, the real star attraction at the Tongabezi Treehouse Hotel & Lodge is the captivating Tongabezi Tree House. Majestically anchored amid the robust branches of a riverine Ebony tree and flanked by the rugged beauty of a basalt rock bed, this suite epitomizes secluded romance. With a vast expanse stretching over an eco-conscious pine deck, every corner promises heart-stopping views of the Zambezi River’s intricate dance. Inside, a mosaic of cultures awaits discovery. Classic African fabric drapes, vibrant artworks, and handpicked furnishings coexist harmoniously with striking Asian chests and lavish Anatolian rugs.

However, the treehouse’s magic isn’t confined to its interiors alone. Guests are invited to step onto a tranquil private terrace that delicately kisses the river below. And as dusk blankets the landscape, one can indulge in a celestial soak within the suite’s luxurious open-air bathtub. So intertwined is the Tree House with its natural surroundings, that guests often share they’ve felt the very essence of Zambia, all without stepping a foot outside.

Ready to immerse yourself in this African dream? The all-inclusive stay at the Tongabezi Tree House Hotel begins at just $715/night.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Zambia » Tongabezi Treehouse Hotel & Lodge