La Piantata Black Cabin Treehouse

The Black Cabin Tree house hotel is a 87 square meters high-tech luxury treehouse, mended by the shade of a 200 years old maritime pine with a unique skyline
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Tucked between the romantic landscapes of Rome and Tuscany lies an 18th-century Italian gem, La Piantata. This enchanting farm is an oasis for those seeking serenity, nature, and sumptuous dining.

Upon arriving at La Piantata, guests can choose from an array of boutique accommodations. While some might prefer nature-inspired rooms or traditionally adorned apartments complete with cozy kitchenettes, the true showstoppers here are the majestic tree houses nestled amidst ancient pines and oaks. Standing 7-8 meters above the ground, The Black Cabin Treehouse and the Suite Bleue Treehouse offer breathtaking views of sun-kissed lavender fields and sprawling olive groves.

The Black Cabin Treehouse, with its 87 square meters of luxurious space, claims the title of one of Europe’s grandest tree house hotels. Perched 7 meters high, shielded by a 200-year-old maritime pine, guests are treated to panoramic views that span across a vast olive plantation, lavender-covered hills, the Cimini Mountains, and even the distant Tarquinia sea.

Every corner of the Black Cabin Treehouse exudes opulence, thanks to the imaginative designs crafted by the renowned Claudia Pelizzari from the Archiglam studio of Brescia. Pelizzari’s vision was to meld glamour with luxury, juxtaposing contrasting hues with organic fabrics like linen and cotton. The materials selected for the treehouse—Canadian cedar wood, glass, and steel—add a touch of modern elegance.

But the luxury doesn’t stop at just aesthetics. This treetop escape is equipped with cutting-edge technology: ambient LED lights, black steel plates, mirror-finished walls, an Etruscan Bucchero backdrop, and a high-definition flat screen with a Bose home theater system. The tree house even boasts a Corian and crystal shower, a state-of-the-art dressing room, and a relaxation area with a stunning sea view. With heating and air conditioning, every comfort is considered.

For those who desire a once-in-a-lifetime treetop retreat, the Black Cabin Treehouse offers this unique experience at a rate of 390€/night for two.

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Meta Description: Dive into La Piantata, an 18th-century Italian farm turned luxurious retreat. Discover the Black Cabin Treehouse, a blend of Italian charm and modern luxury.

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Località La Piantata, Arlena di Castro 01010 Lazio IT
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Home » Listings » Europe » Italy » La Piantata Black Cabin Treehouse