NNE Treehouse

The Nne Tree house hotel is one of the most popular tree houses at Chole Mjini tree house resort: it has an elevated room that is open to the breezes, allowing for 360-degree views.
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Amidst the whispers of the verdant jungle, nestled on the pristine island retreat of Chole Mjini, stand seven unique accommodations — six treehouses and a ground house. These structures aren’t your typical tree house hotels. They are the realization of an authentic castaway dream, an ode to rustic luxury. Crafted for the connoisseur of life’s simple pleasures, Chole Mjini beckons to those who find solace away from the mundane clatter of room service and the mechanized chill of air conditioning.

Every treehouse in Chole Mjini is an artwork, birthed through months of dedication. Each narrates a tale of tradition, of hands that chiseled, carved, and constructed using age-old techniques. From the mighty trees hand-cut for poles and planks, each cured over time, to the dhow boats that brought them to Chole, every piece holds a story. But among these, the Nne Treehouse stands out, like a gem that sparkles a tad brighter.

Nne, translating to “Four” in Bantu, is not just a name, but an experience. A pioneer in its design, it introduced the ‘tea house’ concept to the island — a design nuance inspired by 19th-century Stone Town architecture. The ‘tea house’, perched elevated, breaks free from walls, opening itself to the gentle breezes and offering an uninterrupted, panoramic embrace of the surroundings. Whether it’s the mesmerizing dance of the sun as it dips into the horizon or the endless expanse of the open ocean, the views from Nne are nothing short of poetic.

But the magic of Nne doesn’t end at its views. Its bathing facilities are often lauded as the best in the resort. Each shower feels like a sacred ritual, surrounded by nature, and the toilets are designed keeping in mind both aesthetics and functionality.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Tanzania » NNE Treehouse