The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Offering an authentic slice of Lapland's culture roughly 800 miles from Helsinki into the Arctic Circle, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel will transport guests straight into a picturesque Christmas scene only usually seen on cards and calendars
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Venture about 800 miles north of Helsinki, deep into the Arctic Circle, and you’ll discover a haven straight out of a fairy tale—the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. Nestled in the heart of Rovaniemi, this unique establishment offers guests a dreamy experience, reminiscent of idyllic Christmas scenes usually reserved for festive postcards.

But the enchantment of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel isn’t limited to just its yuletide allure. Elevated amongst verdant pine forests, the treehouse suites rise majestically above the canopy, treating guests to a stunning vista of the pristine wilderness beyond. A signature feature of these suites is the expansive window that spans the entire front, beckoning guests to drink in the breathtaking panoramas. And as the day transitions to night, the ever-changing Arctic sky weaves its magic, offering spectators a dance of the Northern Lights or the mesmerizing hues of the Midnight Sun—all from the snug comfort of their beds.

With 60 distinct rooms on offer, the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel promises an unparalleled experience irrespective of one’s choice. Each suite seamlessly marries luxury and the raw beauty of Arctic nature, indigenous Lappish traditions, and the simplicity of modern Scandinavian design. Sustainability lies at the core of this establishment. Treehouses boast green roofs and are constructed on-site with eco-friendly materials. The use of eco showers conserves water, while natural gas heats the hideaways. Moreover, the primary building harnesses the power of the sun, running predominantly on solar energy. To stay at such a luxurious haven, conscious of its footprint, truly amplifies the experience, ensuring guests revel in nature without infringing upon it.

Primarily designed for two, many rooms at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel can comfortably accommodate additional guests upon request. Room rates start from €250 per night, fluctuating based on seasons and specific suite choices.

Photo Courtesy: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Finland » The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel