The Playa Viva Treehouse

When nothing other than a touch of luxury will do the job, the place you need to be is Playa Viva and its eight fantastic treehouses standing just six feet off of the ground and aiming to be more like a pier above the ocean than a hut up in the canopy
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The allure of pristine beaches, lapping waves, and Mexico’s rich tapestry of culture has forever drawn travelers seeking solace and sun-kissed adventures. Enter Playa Viva, a destination that isn’t just a resort but an ode to harmonious living where luxury nestles in nature’s lap.

Situated in Juluchuca, just a stone’s throw away from Zihuatanejo, the Playa Viva Treehouse is part of the broader Playa Viva resort—a 200-acre sustainable paradise. With miles of private beachfront, this location is the epitome of unspoiled beauty. But what truly sets it apart is the unique treetop accommodation, providing guests with panoramic ocean views while nestled in the embrace of the jungle.

Located on the spellbinding shores of Mexico, Playa Viva proudly presents a palette of eight exquisite rooms, each crafted to offer breathtaking panoramas of the shimmering ocean. But among these, one stands tall, or should we say, floats effortlessly— a treehouse crafted from responsibly sourced wood, that evokes dreams and serenity.

Before you venture into imagining this treehouse as just another lavish property adding to the carbon footprint, it’s vital to underscore Playa Viva’s commitment to sustainability. The eco-resort operates on 100% renewable energy. From sourcing energy via solar panels to harnessing the sun’s warmth for its thermal system, every element is eco-tuned. This sustainable ethos extends to its embrace of organic farming and permaculture, ensuring that luxury leaves only footprints of delight and not detriment.

For many, vacations come with the covert weight of routine stress. At Playa Viva, this weight melts away, especially during the soul-stirring yoga sessions set amidst this tropical sanctuary. Every stretch, every breath becomes an intimate dance with nature, further sweetened by the fact that it’s all part of your stay.

Dissipating any cliched notions of a treehouse, Playa Viva’s version is not perched high among treetops but elegantly stands six feet above the ground. The cylindrical structure, supported by tall stilts, is surrounded by palm trees, making guests feel as though they’re floating amidst the green canopy. It doesn’t aim to be a lofty forest-dwelling; instead, it takes the avatar of a chic pier caressed by oceanic whispers. Its architecture, a blend of finesse and eco-responsibility, ensures guests remain cocooned between the beach forest and the limitless horizon. The bi-fold doors, wrapping around the structure, ensure that the boundary between indoors and outdoors remains beautifully blurred. With these doors opened, the gentle sea breeze and the rhythmic sound of waves become a natural part of the living experience.

Central to Playa Viva’s ethos is its advocacy for connection. The shared spaces are thoughtfully designed, encouraging guests to sync with the vibrant local ecosystem and foster bonds with fellow wanderers. While the property offers myriad cozy corners for introspective moments, the treehouse emerges as a zenith of tranquility, where the cacophony of daily life feels lightyears away. And while the treehouse offers an unmatched lodging experience, the Playa Viva resort ensures that guests have a plethora of activities to indulge in. Whether it’s yoga sessions by the beach, turtle conservation activities, or farm-to-table dining experiences featuring organic produce from the resort’s own gardens, Playa Viva promises a holistic experience.

Starting at €500 a night for two, the Playa Viva treehouse experience might seem like a premium investment. However, with every booking, guests inadvertently support a larger cause—reforestation. The price tag isn’t merely for opulence; it’s a contribution to a greener future, a detail the passionate staff at Playa Viva is always keen to share. Book it today on!

Photo Courtesy: Playa Viva

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