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The Tatu Tree house hotel, also known as 'the house on the rocks', is reached by passing through a foliage tunnel, and is the closest treehouse to the ocean.
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In the heart of a lush jungle island lies Chole Mjini, a haven that gracefully defies the concept of a conventional treehouse hotel. Born out of a castaway’s dream, this unique resort caters to those who crave authentic experiences over modern luxuries. It’s a realm where the senses awaken, untouched by room service bells or the hum of air conditioners. The resort proudly showcases six handcrafted treehouses and a singular ground house, each telling a story of tradition and dedication.

Every treehouse at Chole Mjini is a marvel of craftsmanship. Adorned with one or two levels, they grant unparalleled vistas of the encompassing ocean and bay. Within, guests are welcomed by “throne-like” beds, inviting hammocks, and cozy relaxation corners. The allure doesn’t end indoors. Each treehouse offers private bathing areas, crowned with open-air showers that let the tropical breeze play on one’s skin.

But the magic lies in the construction. These architectural gems took up to a year to shape, built entirely by hand using time-honored techniques. All materials trace back to the island itself, sourced exclusively from local traders. Every tree, hand-cut and transformed into planks on-site, embarks on a year-long journey of curing before becoming a part of this paradise.

Among the treehouses, the Tatu Treehouse, christened ‘the house on the rocks,’ stands out. Guests reach this secluded abode through a verdant tunnel of foliage, only to be welcomed by a symphony of fireflies. Tatu brings guests closer to the ocean’s embrace than any other house. Its location gifts visitors with both intimate and panoramic sea views. As crabs scuttle and mudskippers frolic just meters below, schools of fish sometimes find shelter beneath the house.

Tatu’s unique design features two distinct levels, each under its own roof, akin to two homes joined by a staircase. The main house, nestled under a Tamarind tree, is perched on rocks close to the ground. From here, steps descend to a second house, set amidst the mangroves over the beach. During spring tides, the waters flirt with the lower house, and twice a year, in March and February, the ocean even grazes its floor.

Completing the Tatu experience is a shower set amidst a picturesque rock garden, but the toilet holds its own charm as one of the resort’s three original prototypes.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Tanzania » TATU Treehouse