La Piantata Suite Bleue Treehouse

The Suite Bleue tree house hotel towers at eight meters off the ground, amongst 12 hectares of lavender hills, in the dense foliage of a century-old majestic oak.
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Tucked into the picturesque expanse between Rome and Tuscany, the 18th-century Italian haven, La Piantata, beckons with an irresistible charm. Here, the timeless allure of nature converges with serenity and gastronomic indulgence, presenting a perfect retreat for those with an affinity for authenticity.

La Piantata unfolds an eclectic tapestry of accommodations, each bearing its distinct essence. From elegantly themed rooms that echo the whispers of nature to apartments adorned in traditional decor complete with cozy kitchenettes, the offerings are diverse. But, the stars of La Piantata? The breathtaking treehouses: The Black Cabin Treehouse and the Suite Bleue Treehouse, gracefully perched 7-8 meters above the ground amidst towering pines and oaks.

Just imagine waking up to panoramas of sun-kissed lavender fields and silvery olive groves swaying in the gentle breeze. Renzo Stucchi realized his childhood fantasy with the creation of the Suite Bleue Treehouse. Resting eight meters above the earth, this treehouse is ensconced in a century-old oak, surrounded by a sprawling 12-hectare lavender landscape. Constructed by French artisans, La Cabane Perchée, this red-cedar sanctuary boasts rustic interiors spanning 44 square meters. The beauty isn’t just skin deep: guests can relish breakfast delivered directly to their bedroom, courtesy of a pulley system, while soaking in vistas from the terrace, nestled amidst lush canopy.

Guests of La Piantata aren’t confined to their aerial abodes. The estate tempts with a myriad of experiences. Stroll through the olive grove, engage in fruit and vegetable harvests, and delight in homemade offerings from lavender honey and jam to the more exotic lavender craft beer.

While both the Suite Bleue and the Black Cabin Treehouse are tagged at 390€/night for a couple, the choice between them rests on personal preferences. Whether it’s the Suite Bleue’s rustic allure or the Black Cabin’s plush luxuries, guests are assured a unique blend of nature, comfort, and Italian charm.

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Località La Piantata, Arlena di Castro 01010 Lazio IT
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Home » Listings » Europe » Italy » La Piantata Suite Bleue Treehouse