Post Ranch Inn Treehouses

Nestled on the cliffs of Big Sur, Cal. the Post Ranch tree house hotel is made of free-standing structures built on stilts 9 feet off the forest floor.
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High above the pristine forests of Big Sur, California, the treehouses at Post Ranch Inn stand out not just as lodgings, but as an experience. Suspended nine feet above the ground, these independent structures provide a unique treetop vantage point. Imagine climbing a personal stairway to enter a triangular cocoon where luxury meets nature.

Inside each treehouse, guests are greeted with a plush bed set beside a cozy window seat—perfect for curling up with a book or simply soaking in the views. A desk, ideal for jotting down reflections, stands next to an inviting fireplace, ensuring warmth on cooler evenings. But perhaps the most mesmerizing feature is the skylight, which beckons one to gaze up at the shimmering stars while tucked into bed.

Staying at the Post Ranch treehouse hotel is like realizing a childhood dream but with a lavish twist. Panoramic vistas of the endless Pacific Ocean stretch on one side, while majestic mountains anchor the view on the other. It’s not just about sleeping among the trees; it’s about disconnecting and finding that the world, with all its hustle, feels like a distant memory here.

But the retreat doesn’t stop at the accommodations. Guests at Post Ranch Inn are pampered with a slew of complimentary amenities. Start your day with a sumptuous, full breakfast and then explore the surrounding beauty in a loaner car. Dive into self-discovery with yoga and meditation classes, or join a star-gazing session to uncover the mysteries of the night sky.

For those seeking relaxation, the spa awaits with two cliff-top infinity pools, offering an exhilarating swim with unparalleled views. There’s also a refreshing swimming pool and a fitness center to cater to every wellness need. And when hunger strikes, the inn’s elegant restaurant serves delectable meals, all while granting diners sweeping ocean vistas.

Feeling the urge to book your own treetop escape? The Post Ranch Inn Treehouses are ready to welcome you. With rates starting at $1,225 per night, it promises a stay like no other. Secure your reservation and embark on an unforgettable journey here.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Post Ranch Inn Treehouses