Secluded Intown Treehouse

This tree house hotel looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Bridges connect the three treehouses with a patio and hammock that are perfect for stargazing.
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Step into a world that feels like it’s been woven from the threads of dreams and fairy tales. Nestled in the heart of Intown Atlanta, two mesmerizing treehouses await, linked by whimsical swinging bridges, offering guests a sanctuary suspended among the trees. Each evening, as stars twinkle above, a hammock and patio beckon you to recline and lose yourself in celestial wonders.

These treehouses, Atlanta’s hidden treasures, have captivated the spotlight in various TV shows and magazines. Lauded for their unique character, guests frequently label them as the epitome of romance, relaxation, and enchantment. Imagine this: drifting into slumber lulled by nature’s lullaby, only to awaken to a chorus of birds serenading the dawn.

Delving into the treehouses’ design, guests are treated to three distinct rooms, seamlessly connected by rope-bridges. The living room is an ode to times past, adorned with meticulously chosen antique furniture. Noteworthy are the butterfly-encased 80-year-old windows and a resplendent 12-candle chandelier. Whether you’re reclining on the antique seating or taking in the verdant views from the balcony, relaxation is guaranteed.

Designed for intimate escapes, the bedroom comfortably hosts two. Amplifying its allure, a pillow-top double bed—ingeniously fitted with wheels—allows guests the choice of sleeping under the stars on a platform overlooking a babbling stream or within the room’s embrace. Complementing this is a blend of a quaint desk, charming side-tables, an age-old birdcage, vibrant Kilim rugs, and the soft glow of fairy lights and votives, ensuring every moment spent here is magical.

Completing this ethereal retreat is an outdoor deck, encircled by seating for ten, shaded by the mighty boughs of a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine. Here, nature is your companion, as you lounge, undisturbed, amid a canopy of green.

For those seeking a slice of this dream, both treehouses are available for booking on Airbnb, with prices starting at $250 per night. Treat yourself to an experience that promises to be both unforgettable and spellbinding.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Secluded Intown Treehouse