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Treehouse Ciekurs in Latvia offers a peaceful retreat in the pine forests of Gauja National Park. With a Jacuzzi, sauna and private lake access, it promises a serene escape with the comforts of home, outdoor adventure and close proximity to the charm and history of Cēsis
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In the quiet embrace of the pine forests of the Gauja National Park, Treehouse Čiekurs offers a serene retreat just a few kilometres from the historic town of Cēsis and an hour and a half’s drive from the bustling capital city of Riga. This treetop sanctuary is a promise of peace far from the bustle of the city, where time slows to the rhythm of nature.

Treehouse Čiekurs is not just a place to stay, it’s an experience that captures the essence of Latvia’s natural beauty. Here, surrounded by whispering pines, guests will find a villa with a jacuzzi and sauna that combines relaxation with the rustic charm of the outdoors. With direct access to private beaches and the tranquil lake, the tree house becomes a waterfront retreat, perfect for contemplation or a refreshing swim.

The villa is fully air-conditioned to ensure a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year. A separate toilet and the option of a sauna or hot tub (at an extra charge) ensure that your basic comfort is provided within a short walk of the trees. For couples or solo adventurers, this treehouse offers a romantic alcove with a communal living area on the first floor and a sleeping area on the second floor with a mattress for two.

Days at Treehouse Čiekurs can be spent gliding across the lake in a boat, standing up paddling or fishing in the tranquil waters. For those who prefer to stay dry, there are nearby walking trails and snow skiing in the winter months. Whether basking in the summer sun or wrapped in a snowy winter wonderland, the Tree House offers year-round activities.

As evening falls, the air is filled with the soothing symphony of the surrounding forest. Indulge in the luxury of a private hot tub under the stars or retreat to the warmth of the sauna. Dinner is served in the outdoor kitchen in summer, while local restaurants are just a short drive or pleasant stroll away, offering delicious local cuisine.

In this haven, connectivity is a choice, not a necessity. With Wi-Fi available, guests can choose to stay connected to the digital world or disconnect entirely, allowing the soulful embrace of the forest to occupy every sense. On-site parking adds to the convenience, making arrival and departure seamless.

The night at Čiekurs is a spectacle in itself, with the night songs of the forest coming to life and the glistening lake reflecting the moonlight. End the day in the sanctuary of your treehouse with a good night’s sleep, or enjoy the solitude that only a night among the trees can offer.

Treehouse Čiekurs, an elegant blend of adventure and tranquillity, invites you to forge a deep connection with Latvia’s pristine nature. It’s not just a destination, but a chance to return to the roots of simplicity, where joy is found in the whisper of leaves and the silence of a forest untouched by time.

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