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Many people dream of seeing the incredible Amazon rainforest and perhaps imagine that this may entail a bit of a rough and ready trip to get off-piste and into the wilderness. Not so if you are lucky enough to stay at the Treehouse Lodge
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The Amazon rainforest – the very name conjures images of dense jungles, diverse wildlife, and untamed nature. But what if one could experience all of its raw beauty without giving up modern comforts? Enter the Treehouse Lodge, where the enchanting Amazonian outdoors merges with the luxuries of a top-tier resort.

Situated at the pristine confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers, close to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, the Treehouse Lodge stands as the sole all-inclusive treetop resort in the Peruvian Amazon. While many only dream of witnessing the majesty of the rainforest, guests at the Treehouse Lodge live it firsthand. It’s not just about visiting the Amazon; it’s about immersing oneself fully into its heart.

Picture waking up amid the canopy, sharing morning greetings with playful monkeys and chirping birds right outside your window. This isn’t a scene from a dream, but a daily reality at the lodge. And while you’re up there, there’s no compromise on comfort. Every treehouse is meticulously designed to ensure a relaxing stay. What’s more? Being elevated means bidding adieu to the stifling jungle humidity – a subtle luxury in itself.

Twelve distinct treehouses await selection, each boasting unique features. Some stand majestically over seasonal flood zones, offering a dramatic aquatic tableau beneath. Others possess intriguing trapdoors, adding an adventurous touch to the luxury sojourn. Wooden cable bridges, connecting numerous treehouses, serve as pathways – and every step on them is an exhilarating dance with nature. Gazing down at the lush flora or spotting vibrant fauna, the sensation is nothing short of magical.

Given the richness of the experience, the lodge has a two-night minimum stay policy, with prices commencing at €600. While designed predominantly for couples, additional accommodations can be arranged upon request, ensuring that no one misses out on this Amazonian escapade.

The Treehouse Lodge is more than just a stay; it’s an elevated journey, a dive into nature’s lap, and an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Home » Listings » Americas » South America » Peru » Treehouse Lodge