Keemala Treehouse Resort

Inspired by the Rung Nok (Nest) Clan who reveled in an opulent lifestyle, the Keemala treehouses in Thailand offer just the right amount of decadence and luxury with a spectacular view of the rainforest, which they are perfectly nestled within for an awe-inspiring view
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Tucked amidst the lush landscapes of Thailand lies a haven that’s both steeped in local traditions and draped in opulence: the Keemala Treehouse Resort. Every facet of this exquisite hideaway, from the architectural genius to the refined staff demeanor, draws inspiration from Phuket’s rich heritage, especially the enigmatic We-ha (Sky) Clan.

Historically, the We-ha Clan of Phuket was revered for their profound comprehension of the cosmos. Emulating their age-old wisdom, they erected homes at elevated heights, aiming to harness greater creativity and freedom—a philosophy seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of Keemala’s treehouse villas.

Yet, beyond its cultural significance, Keemala’s treehouses are paradigms of sumptuous living. Guests are spoilt for choice with a selection of luxurious abodes. Each multi-leveled villa boasts private swimming pools, sprawling terraces offering panoramic jungle vistas, invigorating monsoon showers, and plush relaxation spaces. The interiors are a visual treat, characterized by floating furniture and cocoon-styled beds and loungers. Checking into Keemala isn’t merely a stay—it’s an immersion into a romantic reverie, high up amidst Thailand’s verdant treetops.

Set within the heart of a rainforest, the treehouses proffer unparalleled views. Elevated just right, they pierce through the dense canopy, offering glimpses of distant wonders. While the backdrop is an enchanting amalgamation of jungle and mountain, a mere 10-minute drive will usher guests to a pristine beach—a journey made seamless through the resort’s complimentary transfers.

Starting at approximately €650 a night, the rates vary with seasons. Your stay at Keemala also grants you indulgent sessions at the Mala Holistic Spa. Whether you opt for one of the seven tree pool houses, eight bird’s nest villas, or the seven tent pool villas, you’re promised breathtaking vistas of the rainforest and towering mountains.

Embrace a unique confluence of tradition and luxury, all ensconced within the heart of nature, only at Keemala Treehouse Resort.

Photo Courtesy: Keemala

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Home » Listings » Asia » Southeast Asia » Thailand » Keemala Treehouse Resort