The 7th Room Treehouse

In the wilderness of the tall pine forests of Northern Sweden, where the awe-inspiring tree trunks stretch up seemingly to the skies, the 7th Room stands a full 10 meters above the ground, with a panoramic view of the treetops and the river beyond
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Deep within the towering pine forests of Northern Sweden, where majestic trunks seem to touch the very heavens, lies the latest marvel from the renowned Treehotel. Unveiled in January 2017, the 7th Room stands a soaring 10 meters above the forest floor, offering guests an intimate embrace with nature.

Crafted meticulously, this treehouse offers unparalleled panoramic vistas of verdant treetops and the distant river, seamlessly blending the indoors with the mesmerizing outdoors through its ingenious design. Within its generous 100-square-meter footprint, 75 square meters are dedicated as functional living spaces. This abode is harmoniously embedded amongst the trees, ensuring the forest’s integrity by incorporating additional structural support, relieving the trees of excessive weight.

Echoing the rich heritage of the region, the 7th Room dons the appearance of a classic Nordic cabin. Every nook and cranny, every piece of furnishing, reverberates with the ethos of this theme. The space is conceived with a singular vision – to immerse its inhabitants deeply within nature. Guests invariably attest to feeling one with the forest when ensconced in this architectural wonder.

The living room, a prime feature of the 7th Room, boasts a north-facing window that stretches from floor to ceiling. This strategic placement provides stargazers with optimal views of the shimmering Northern Lights on clear nights. But the wonders don’t halt here. Linking the two cozy bedrooms is a netted terrace, enabling the surrounding trees to seamlessly integrate into the home’s architecture. For those yearning for an evening beneath the stars, simply nestle into a sleeping bag on this terrace. Meanwhile, indoor aficionados aren’t left wanting; the skylights overhead promise a celestial show like no other.

Stay rates for the enchanting 7th Room fluctuate with the season, kicking off at a starting price of approximately €1000 nightly. This sum encompasses a lavish buffet breakfast, with toddlers under two years relishing a complimentary stay.

Embrace the true essence of nature. Discover serenity, luxury, and an authentic Nordic experience, all entwined within the branches of the 7th Room at the Treehotel.

Photo Courtesy: Treehotel

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » The 7th Room Treehouse