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All 14 treehouses at Canopee Lit sit very comfortably among the spruces, maples, birches, and alders trees that make up the surrounding 24 hectares of woodland, some of the cabins featuring sensational skylights directly above the bed, while others are completely transparent spherical rooms perched on stilts
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If you have ever dreamed of escaping into the forest, surrounded by the rustling leaves of ancient trees and the call of the wilderness, then Canopee Lit is your dream come true. Created by a nature-loving family, this stunning resort encompasses 24 hectares of woodland and features 14 distinctive treehouses and cabins, all thoughtfully designed for guests to experience the beauty of the great outdoors. Five kilometers of trails weave through the property, some with informative displays, allowing guests to learn about the unique surroundings of these exceptional treehouses in Canada.

Tucked amidst spruces, maples, birches, and alders, the treehouses at Canopee Lit are masterfully constructed on stilts to minimize damage to the surrounding trees. Elevated among the branches, the houses offer unparalleled views from their decks and a sense of hidden seclusion within the forest. Being meters off the ground brings guests closer to the natural surroundings and offers more opportunities for spotting wildlife.

Canopee Lit emphasizes tranquility and immersion in nature. Parking is only available at the resort’s main entrance, ensuring that each treehouse remains a peaceful oasis, accessible solely on foot. The only sounds you’ll hear from your treehouse are the rustling of leaves, the gentle flow of nearby streams, and the calls of forest creatures. The resort offers unique accommodations with skylights positioned directly over the bed, allowing guests to drift off to sleep beneath the stars. For those seeking an even more unique experience, Canopee Lit has transparent spherical rooms perched on stilts – the ultimate way to feel one with nature.

With rates starting at €170 per night, Canopee Lit offers an unforgettable retreat in the forest. Each stay includes a freshly prepared breakfast delivered right to your cabin, so you can begin your day with a taste of the outdoors.

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