Les Cabanes de Labrousse

Les Cabanes de Labrousses treehouses are located in one of the most stunning areas of Ardeche in Southern France, with the river gorges weaving their way between the mountains, and have been designed to bring nature in and allow guests to feel as though they are part of the canopy
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Embark on a unique journey to the heart of the Ardeche region in southern France, where Les Cabanes de Labrousse offer an exceptional getaway for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. With no running water or electricity, these rustic treehouses invite guests to cast aside the daily grind and embrace the simplicity and serenity of the great outdoors.

Les Cabanes de Labrousse is a secluded resort that boasts eight distinctive treehouses, each thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the surrounding forest and immerse guests in a tranquil, natural environment. These accommodations come in various sizes, accommodating couples or even families of up to five.

Three of the treehouses, namely Hut Ecureuil, Hibou Hut, and Renard Hut, are perfect for adventurous spirits. To access these treetop hideaways, guests must climb up rope ladders, evoking the thrill of childhood treehouse escapades. If you are looking for an experience that transports you back to your youth, these huts will surely fulfill your wishes.

The other five treehouses at Les Cabanes de Labrousse provide a more spacious setting and are accessible via wooden stairways. For instance, the Castor Family Hut features two interconnected cabins sharing a terrace. The larger cabin is outfitted with a double bed for parents, while the adjacent cabin has bench beds, suitable for children. Two additional treehouses can accommodate up to five people, offering a comfortable and adventurous retreat for families.

To make your stay even more memorable, the resort’s adorable mule delivers breakfast to the treehouses every morning. With this charming touch, guests can indulge in a magical, secluded experience, feeling worlds away from the bustle of everyday life.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Ardeche region, Les Cabanes de Labrousse provide a fantastic base for outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby river gorges, winding through the mountainous terrain, are a paradise for canoeing and kayaking aficionados. Moreover, the awe-inspiring Ray-Pic waterfall plunges down a spectacular 60 meters, adding to the allure of this scenic destination.

Rates for a night at Les Cabanes de Labrousse start at €75, and a minimum stay of two nights is typically required. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature and relish the rejuvenating experience offered by these one-of-a-kind treehouses.

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