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The Chalet Perché is a stunning treehouse located in Quebec's Upper Laurentians, a huge wilderness area of stunning natural beauty encompassing mountains, 4,500 lakes and rivers, and a wildlife reserve
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Nestled in Quebec’s Upper Laurentians, the Chalet Perché offers a captivating retreat amidst a wilderness teeming with stunning landscapes, over 4,500 lakes and rivers, and an abundant wildlife reserve. As a favored tourist destination known for its pristine beauty, the region becomes even more enchanting when experienced from the vantage point of a treehouse. The Chalet Perché promises its guests the perfect setting for recharging and reconnecting with nature, making them feel as though they are the only ones in the entire forest.

This enchanting treehouse creates an aura of magic and wonder for its guests. A maze of staircases, walkways, and rope bridges connect the chalet’s different sections, evoking the excitement and thrill of childhood adventures. A wooden staircase takes guests from the forest floor to the main house via a small bridge. Following the verandah around, they can cross another bridge to an additional platform higher up, wrapped around a tree. This spot is ideal for enjoying a morning coffee or simply pausing to immerse oneself in the forest’s embrace.

Elevated more than 5 meters above the ground, the Chalet Perché undoubtedly evokes that childlike sense of wonder and adventure. The surrounding area offers an array of activities for those wanting to explore and experience the region. In winter, guests can indulge in dog sledding, ice fishing, trapping, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. During other seasons, canoeing, swimming, fishing, cycling, and hiking offer endless entertainment. With over 4,000 lakes and vast expanses of untouched forest, the Upper Laurentians is a nature lover’s paradise.

Starting at €150 per night, the Chalet Perché is suitable for both families and couples looking to escape into nature and experience the unique beauty of Quebec’s wilderness. Bookings for this magical retreat can be made through Airbnb.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Canada » Chalet Perché