The seclusion of the location of the Outa-The-Woods treehouse means that there is always a high chance of spotting the native wildlife during a stay here. Previous guests have seen elk, deer, moose, turtles, otters, and of course birds of all kinds.
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The word ‘enchanting’ is the only way to describe Outa-The-Woods, a whimsical and utterly captivating treehouse in Canada. It appears as though it has sprung directly from a fairytale, with its slightly wonky structure and an undeniable charm that captivates all who set eyes upon it. With natural wood featuring prominently in its construction, the treehouse seems to have grown organically from the very trees that cradle it. The extraordinary craftsmanship is evident in every nook and cranny of the house, with secret wood carvings waiting to be discovered by observant guests.

Perched on a sturdy platform five meters above the ground, Outa-The-Woods incorporates seven of the surrounding trees in its structure. The cabin itself is an homage to the beauty of trees, with features such as a hand-carved sink made from burl, banisters crafted from branches in their natural form, and exquisite hand-carved furniture. Of course, the trees themselves are an integral part of the design, adding to the authentic, earthy atmosphere of the treehouse. From the balcony, guests can enjoy views of the distant mountains, a nearby pond, and the seemingly infinite forest.

Outa-The-Woods is nestled in a secluded location, offering high chances of spotting the native wildlife. Past guests have reported sightings of elk, deer, moose, turtles, otters, and a myriad of bird species. The entire area exudes a calm and relaxing vibe, making it a truly magical experience to live among the trees. The treehouse is equipped with everything needed for a serene holiday, and the surrounding trails provide ample opportunities for guests seeking a more active adventure.

With rates starting at €130 per night and a minimum stay of three nights, Outa-The-Woods is a perfect retreat for those seeking a unique and memorable experience. Please note that this treehouse is not available during the winter months.

Photos © Brian Clarkson / Outa-The-Woods

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