Treehouse in Canada: Oceanfront Treehouse

set on Salt Spring Island, the Oceanfront Treehouse is the only man-made structure within almost 5 acres and the ideal place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of the wind moving through the trees and the waves softly breaking on the shore just below

The Oceanfront Treehouse in British Columbia is a truly special place and provides everything one may be seeking from a holiday in a treehouse in Canada. The tranquil forest surrounds the accommodation, which is the only man-made structure within almost 5 acres. It is home to many members of the Canadian fauna. Its location on Salt Spring Island means there is an incredible view of the sea. The sun setting behind the distant hills is a daily show that can be enjoyed from the verandah of the cabin. Mount Erksine Provincial Park is also on the doorstep of this treehouse, so those craving a more active getaway can take to the trails and hike to their heart’s content.

A small and sturdy wooden boardwalk gives easy access to the Oceanfront Treehouse, leading directly onto the stunning and spacious verandah. Double glass doors open to the main room of the house, which is filled with a spacious and luxurious king bed. The amazing view can be fully appreciated from the bed itself, which is a treat indeed! To ensure that guests feel completely relaxed, a small bed fills an alcove space in front of another large window. From every spot in the cabin, the background noise is of the wind moving through the trees and waves softly breaking on the shore just below. It is the soundtrack of many relaxation playlists brought to life!

A mere 25 steps from the Oceanfront Treehouse is a fairly newly constructed bathhouse with all mod cons included. The small kitchenette includes a mini-fridge, dishes/utensils, cutting board, kettle, French coffee press, teapot, and complimentary tea and coffee. The fridge is stocked with granola, yogurt, cream, and almond milk. There is no running water but the treehouse has a water dispenser, basins, and cloths. The owner of the property runs yoga classes in a nearby studio, and treehouse guests can enjoy a special drop-in rate to take part.

Rates for a night in the Oceanfront Treehouse start at €320 and can be booked via AirBnb.

Photos © Oceanfront Treehouse / Airbnb

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