Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel

Taking nature as the starting point, with lush green hills stretch as far as the eye can see and a view of the lake and the whole of Xianghu, the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel aims to combine key elements of both luxury holidays and also appeal to those who have a more adventurous spirit
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Situated atop a scenic hillside and surrounded by a dense forest, the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel is a captivating destination that blends luxury and adventure in perfect harmony. Accessible via a winding road that weaves through the forest, this expansive resort covers over 300 square meters, creating a secluded haven where guests can experience tranquility and reconnect with nature.

The Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel offers over 200 rooms, with the treehouses tucked deep within the forest being the resort’s crown jewel. These treehouses are ingeniously grouped into pods of five or six cabins, stacked like Lego bricks on top of and around one another. Each pod features a central balcony, which serves as a communal space for guests to gather, relax, and take in the stunning views of the natural surroundings. Access to individual treehouses is facilitated through an intricate network of staircases and walkways that crisscross the entire structure.

The resort’s location is truly breathtaking. Perched on a hilltop, the treehouses are further elevated to provide guests with panoramic views of the lush green hills on one side and the serene lake and the expanse of Xianghu on the other. The resort’s design showcases a commitment to immersing guests in the splendor of nature and maximizing the experience of the extraordinary landscape.

Luxury is at the heart of the Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel experience. The rooms are exquisitely furnished, and the resort’s broader amenities cater to the discerning traveler. The rates, starting at approximately €140 per night, include breakfast, and a minimum stay of two nights is currently required.

As guests journey up the hill to the resort, the forest embraces them, heralding the promise of an enchanting retreat. The treehouses, nestled among the trees, beckon visitors with the allure of a unique, luxurious escape in the heart of nature. The Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo TreeHotel is an embodiment of the symbiosis between nature and luxury, offering an experience that captivates the soul and reawakens the spirit of adventure.

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