Grano Beckasin

The creators of Grano Beckasin designed this retreat in a way that visitors could fully appreciate all that nature has to offer and make the most of the spectacular area while indulging in outdoor activities or enjoying a hot tub under a starry sky
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Situated amidst the wilderness, Grano Beckasin provides an immersive retreat designed for guests to relish the natural beauty of the region. This extraordinary retreat offers a wide range of activities for guests to choose from. Whether it be racing on dog sleds, acquiring knowledge about medicinal plants during a walk in the woods, relaxing in a hot tub under a starry sky, or indulging in a rejuvenating yoga weekend, Grano Beckasin has something for everyone. And if guests desire a peaceful escape, they can simply settle into one of the exquisite treehouses with a book, appreciating the stunning surroundings from a cozy vantage point.

Residing in a Birds’ Nest at Grano Beckasin feels akin to visiting a luxurious, well-appointed birdhouse. This unique treetop dwelling affords guests the experience of drifting off to sleep while gently swaying between tree trunks, enveloped by the night sky with the potential of witnessing the northern lights, only to awaken to a captivating river view and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Initially, there were only two treehouses available, but due to their growing popularity, since 2015, six treehouses are now available for guests. Clearly, the enchantment of living amongst the trees resonates with many.

Anchored securely within robust pine trees along the riverbank, the treehouses at Grano Beckasin offer elevated accommodations that meet full hotel standards. Each treehouse is equipped with modern conveniences and underfloor heating, ensuring a comfortable stay even during the coldest winter months. The expansive windows flood the interiors with natural light, providing an unobstructed, panoramic view of the landscape. It’s an experience that is truly extraordinary.

Rates at Grano Beckasin start from €385 per night, inclusive of breakfast. Please note that certain activities may require additional fees.

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Västanå 922 95 Västerbottens län SE
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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » Grano Beckasin