Naturbyn Treehouse Village

Hidden among spruces and pines at a quiet bay in Lake Eldan Värmland, Naturbyn is a unique Swedish nature village that offers the perfect back-to-basics getaway to relax and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer while enjoying amenities like a wooden fire-heated hot tub or a sauna
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Tucked away among spruces and pines on the serene shores of Lake Eldan Värmland in Sweden, Naturbyn is the brainchild of visionary Thomas Peterson. It began as a single log cabin on an inherited piece of land, a haven Peterson imagined for his own family to enjoy a peaceful escape. The property has since grown to encompass multiple cabins on land, water, and among the treetops, with each treehouse offering a remarkable blend of adventure and tranquility.

Naturbyn, translated as “nature village” in Swedish, is an apt name for this back-to-basics retreat, where visitors can reconnect with the natural world. Yet, despite its rustic simplicity, guests don’t have to compromise on luxury. A wooden fire-heated hot tub, sauna, and traditional open-fire cooking are among the delights awaiting visitors. The treehouses themselves are a testament to Peterson’s eco-conscious ethos. Each handcrafted log cabin sits 5 to 10 meters above the ground, gently swaying in the wind and carefully constructed without causing harm to the trees.

Naturbyn’s treehouses are each distinct in their design. The ‘Sehr Schjönn cabin’ is perched 10 meters above the ground, while the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ is more easily accessible at 5 meters. Both treehouses feature large windows and private terraces, offering breathtaking views over the lake. Designed to be cozy yet spacious for two people, they provide an ideal romantic escape. The handcrafted furnishings, paraffin lamps, candles, and wood stove create a warm atmosphere that invites guests to imagine a life off the grid.

Naturbyn’s rates start at €190 per night and vary throughout the year, making it an affordable and unique experience for those seeking a memorable getaway.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Sweden » Naturbyn Treehouse Village