La Tigra Rainforest Lodge

La Tigra Rainforest Lodge offers guests a relaxing environment where the sound of the birds waking will be the only alarm clock in the whole place, and where exotic trees, fragrant plants, wild animals, and trails that lead to the crystal clear waters of the nearby river are part of the everyday life of its residents
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In the heart of Costa Rica, amidst the emerald embrace of its rainforest, lies a tranquil sanctuary: La Tigra Rainforest Lodge. Here, nature sings its most enchanting melodies, promising a rejuvenating escape for weary souls.

From the moment you awaken, untainted serenades of birds fill the air, casting away the need for mundane alarms. Each day at La Tigra beckons with an invitation to explore or simply be. Whether stepping onto the verdant forest floor or lingering on the balcony of your treehouse, the captivating tapestry of nature unfolds. Exquisite trees, aromatic plants, and fleeting glimpses of elusive wildlife create a canvas of unmatched beauty. Crystal waters from the neighboring river add to the charm, and the nearby hot springs offer a therapeutic embrace.

With a mere 10 treehouses, the Lodge ensures an intimate experience. Distinct from regular tents, each abode is a harmonious blend of reforested wood harvested from the Lodge’s expanse and weather-resistant tarps. Elevated platforms usher guests into an unparalleled vantage point, with sweeping balconies accentuating nature’s grandeur.

The soul of La Tigra is not just in its beauty, but its ethos. With a commendable commitment to the environment, the Lodge champions sustainability. It doesn’t merely coexist with nature but actively nurtures it. Their active reforestation initiative not only revives the green cover but invites guests to partake in this noble endeavor. By aligning with local schools and other community projects, they weave social well-being into their tapestry of positive impact.

Education is seamlessly infused into relaxation at La Tigra. Through immersive experiences, guests garner invaluable insights into the rainforest’s intricate ecosystem, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature’s marvels.

Beginning at a modest rate of €60 per person, a night at La Tigra encapsulates more than just a stay. It is an all-encompassing experience, from delightful breakfasts to an array of curated activities. Be it the allure of a guided nocturnal stroll, the adrenaline rush of zip-lining, or the cultural immersion of a Costa Rican cooking class, every moment is designed to be memorable. The dedicated staff, with their unparalleled hospitality, ensure that each visitor departs with a heart full of cherished memories.

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La Tigra 20213 Provincia de Alajuela CR
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Home » Listings » Americas » Central America » Costa Rica » La Tigra Rainforest Lodge