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Resting a whopping eight meters above the ground, Treetop Huts provides its guests a privileged insight into the wilderness of the forest and the natural surroundings, making for a perfect getaway for those seeking peace, quiet, and of course, a little excitement
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For those fueled by adventure and the desire for an exceptional stay, the Treetop Huts in Norway promise an exhilarating experience. Perched eight meters above the forest floor, these lofty abodes offer guests panoramic views of Norway’s pristine wilderness, presenting an intimate connection with nature and its woodland inhabitants. Far from just another holiday stay, these treehouses serve as front-row seats to the enigmatic allure of the forest, becoming an idyllic sanctuary for peace seekers and thrill enthusiasts alike.

Spanning six distinct designs—Pine Hut, Larch Hut, Spruce Hut, Birch Hut, Sky Hut, and Climbing Hut—the Treetop Huts present a range of experiences tailored for every traveler. While the Pine, Larch, and Spruce Hut draw inspiration from the trees surrounding them, the Sky Hut, Birch Hut, and Climbing Hut boast expansive skylights, offering a mesmerizing view of the night sky. Located in Ringsaker, roughly two hours from Oslo, these huts (with the exception of the Climbing Hut set closer to Lake Mjøsa) provide a secluded retreat. And with each hut fully winter-insulated and heated by firewood, a cozy sojourn awaits all year round.

The development of the Treetop Huts over the years has been deliberate and thoughtful. A testament to this is a hut with a ramped entry, catering to those with wheelchairs or strollers. Their commitment to the environment is evident too; each treehouse uses solar panels and boasts compost toilets. Prioritizing sustainability, these huts aim for minimal impact on the forest, ensuring that the trees that support them remain unharmed. Far from being permanent scars on nature’s face, these huts embrace the ethos of harmonious coexistence.

An overnight stay at these architectural marvels starts at €200 per treehouse. This rate encompasses the entire hut, offering value irrespective of the number of occupants. Naturally, specific costs might fluctuate based on the chosen hut and the booking season.

Embark on a unique journey, cradled in nature’s lap, and experience Norway like never before. For a truly immersive experience where luxury meets wilderness, the Treetop Huts await.

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Home » Listings » Europe » Scandinavia » Norway » Treetop Huts