Lapa’s Nest Treehouse

Wrapped around a 150-foot Guanacaste tree in 120 acres of rainforest, Lapa's Nest Treehouse is so much more than an average treehouse resort; it is a refuge in the secluded part of Costa Rica where guests can truly relax and connect with the natural world
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Privacy and raw, unfiltered wildlife encounters define the experience at Lapa’s Nest Treehouse in Costa Rica’s enchanting Osa Peninsula. Recognize it? Well, it’s the same awe-inspiring hideaway that’s graced various TV reality shows, presenting a mesmerizing blend of luxury and nature. Deep within the heart of the rainforest, away from touristy distractions, this treehouse offers an unparalleled sojourn. A place where relaxation interweaves with the rhythms of nature, making every stay extraordinary.

Located in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, Lapa’s Nest is no ordinary treehouse resort. Instead, it stands as a sanctuary where guests can experience utter tranquility. Here, you don’t just stay; you bond with the wilderness.

Sprawling across four distinct levels, the treehouse effortlessly accommodates up to 8 guests. A stay at Lapa’s Nest grants you a passport to explore its encompassing 120 acres of lush rainforest. And for those with a more adventurous streak, the vast expanse of the rainforest beckons beyond. Inhabited by monkeys, vibrant birds, and an abundance of other rainforest dwellers, the treehouse is your gateway to observe these fascinating creatures up close – a genuine, unparalleled spectacle.

An architectural marvel, Lapa’s Nest winds around a majestic 150-foot Guanacaste tree. The design beautifully mirrors the organic ebbs and flows of nature, with each bedroom carved on a separate level, ensuring guests enjoy their personal oasis amidst the foliage. The interiors boast a fusion of tropical hardwoods, bamboo, and delightful design twists, creating a perfect blend of luxury and earthy charm. And for those pondering jungle life, fear not! The expansive kitchen and plush bathrooms ensure comfort isn’t compromised.

For those yearning to bask in this haven, Lapa’s Nest primarily offers weekly rentals. However, occasional 4 or 5-night stays might be entertained upon special requests. A week’s stay kicks off at around €1200 during the low season, with prices varying throughout the year.

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