Hilltop Treehouse Retreat

Named in the Top 10 US Treehouses by AirBnB, featured in a Seattle Times article of 'Unusual Places to Stay', and voted among Best Northwest Escapes by Seattle KING5 viewers, the reputation of the Hilltop Treehouse Retreat in Washington certainly precedes it
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The accolades just keep pouring in for Washington’s Hilltop Treehouse Retreat. Not only has it been crowned one of the “Top 10 US Treehouses” by Airbnb, but it’s also graced the pages of the Seattle Times, being touted as one of the most ‘Unusual Places to Stay’. And if that wasn’t enough, Seattle KING5 viewers deemed it among the Best Northwest Escapes. Clearly, this isn’t just any treehouse—it’s an experience.

Before you even set foot in the treehouse, the journey itself is a prelude to its magic. A scenic 40-minute ferry ride transports visitors to Lopez, dubbed the “Friendly Isle”. Part of the mesmerizing San Juan Islands, Lopez boasts breathtaking vistas, making it a prime spot for this unique treehouse.

Perched atop a cliff, ensconced amid a lush canopy, the Hilltop Treehouse Retreat overlooks the pristine Upright Head Channel. Designed as a sanctuary for the soul, this lofty dwelling beckons those yearning for a reprieve from life’s bustle, urging them to reconnect with nature. The expansive windows offer not just sweeping ocean views but also captivating sunsets and a vantage point to the ceaseless dance of ferries and ocean vessels. And if you’re keen on exploring, the Upright Head Preserve, a neighboring 26-acre gem, offers trails that weave through moss-covered landscapes and oceanic overlooks.

A step inside reveals the treehouse’s ode to timeless design. The intent? Crafting an abode that seems to have been cradled by the trees for ages. Celtic motifs adorn the woodwork, while natural edge slabs double as counters and desks. Antique boxes cleverly used for storage and a cherished old rocker add to its rustic charm.

Tom Froning of Soundesign, a local design maestro, ensured the treehouse was both a haven of comfort and a beacon of safety. The platform’s genius lies in its suspension between two robust Douglas Firs. Specially crafted metal beams anchor the structure, allowing it to sway with the wind, akin to a ship on tumultuous seas. Not only does this ensure the well-being of the trees but also offers guests a gentle, lulling motion—a surefire way to induce relaxation.

Ready to elevate your next getaway? The Hilltop Treehouse Retreat awaits, with rates starting from €220 per night. Secure your reservation through Airbnb.

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