The Olympia Treehouse

The treehouse with Panoramic Views in Olympia is a great getaway for nature lovers offering verdant views from the loft in the double-sized bed, and fourteen acres to roam, spread out your wings, and regain some inner peace
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Elevate your travel experience at the one-of-a-kind Olympia Treehouse. Tucked amidst verdant greenery, this unique abode offers an unparalleled glimpse of nature’s rhythm. Traverse winding walkways through towering Douglas firs, cedars, and ancient hemlocks. Let the old-growth forests, some standing proud for hundreds of years, narrate stories of time. And as seasons transition, immerse yourself in nature’s myriad symphonies—be it the enthusiastic serenades of frogs in spring, the whispering summer breezes, the vibrant palette of autumn, or winter’s enchanting snow-draped tranquillity.

True to its unconventional charm, this treehouse isn’t merely an accommodation; it’s an adventure. Be prepared for a gentle sway on blustery nights, adding an exciting dimension to your stay. The path leading to your treetop haven promises a delightful prelude to what lies ahead. Experience eco-friendly amenities: a half bathroom constructed around a majestic cedar’s base, a composting toilet, and a sink offering warm water. And for a genuinely invigorating experience, step into the skylight-adorned outdoor cedar shower. Imagine bathing under a canopy of trees—pure bliss!

Designed to harmoniously blend with nature, the treehouse does come with unique specifications. The loft space, housing the bedroom, comfortably accommodates individuals below 5’9″. The sturdy ladder leading to this cozy nook supports up to 220lbs. A quaint cooking area awaits outside, offering fresh herbs from the garden to spruce up your culinary delights. And, with an outdoor grill and furnished patio, dining alfresco amidst nature becomes a memorable affair.

While the treehouse celebrates nature’s vastness, it’s also an intimate space. Hence, if you’re exceptionally tall, you might find it a snug fit.

Starting at €320, with a two-night minimum stay, this eco-luxe treehouse promises an unforgettable retreat. Book your elevated escape through Airbnb and let nature work its magic on you.

Photo © Treehouse Olympia / Airbnb

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » The Olympia Treehouse