The Osprey Treehouse

The Osprey Treehouse is a 400 square foot octagon overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, built around a single grand old Douglas Fir that is 42” in diameter and the treehouse hugs the trunk while hovering 30 feet above the ground
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At the Skamania Covers resort lies a hidden gem, just a stone’s throw from the Skamania Lodge Treehouse: The Osprey Treehouse. Named in honor of the osprey that keenly observed its construction, this retreat promises an immersive experience in nature’s embrace.

This 400-square-foot marvel, shaped like an octagon, is crafted around a majestic Douglas Fir. With a diameter of 42 inches, this age-old tree forms the backbone of the structure, with the treehouse tenderly surrounding it, suspended 30 feet off the ground. Situated in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, a designated National Scenic Area, the Osprey Treehouse offers an unparalleled vantage point to nature’s beauty.

A short dirt trail from the car park beckons guests towards an elevated boardwalk, the threshold to this woodland sanctuary. Once inside, vast windows and a grand sliding glass door ensure you’re constantly reminded of your elevation amidst the treetops. The brilliance of the design lies in its intent – to provide an authentic treehouse experience.

Locally-sourced timber reflects the region’s essence, and the treehouse doesn’t skimp on amenities. A fully-equipped private bathroom caters to every comfort, but the treehouse’s true showstopper is the Douglas Fir. Its grandeur is celebrated with furniture oriented towards it, turning the living space into a tranquil homage to nature. The gentle sway of the tree, felt more pronounced during breezy gusts, adds a therapeutic touch to the stay.

The front deck offers a panoramic view of the river and the sprawling property below. Embracing its secluded charm, the treehouse forgoes TV and Wifi, encouraging guests to truly disconnect and indulge in the scenic beauty. The nearby cove beckons water enthusiasts for a refreshing dip. Rates begin at €210 per night, varying seasonally. Reserve your nature-soaked retreat through Airbnb.

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » The Osprey Treehouse