Skamania Lodge Treehouse

Elevated 15-20 feet above the ground and nestled in the tall Douglas Firs of the Columbia River Gorge, Skamania Lodge Treehouse offer a simple yet stunning aesthetic that connects guests with the beauty of one of the most iconic landscapes in the country
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Nestled within the enchanting evergreen forest of the Columbia River Gorge lies a gem for nature enthusiasts – the Skamania Lodge Treehouse. Just a stone’s throw from the Osprey Treehouse at Skamania Coves Resort, this sanctuary offers an unparalleled vantage point to one of America’s most iconic landscapes. Carved by time, the Columbia River Gorge stretches majestically over 80 miles, its depths reaching up to a staggering 4,000 feet. For those seeking an authentic communion with nature, there’s arguably no better vantage point than a treehouse perched amidst this verdant expanse.

Skamania Lodge boasts three distinct treehouses, each rising about 15 feet off the ground, cradled by towering Douglas firs. While one offers ample space for families, the remaining duo serves as intimate cocoons, perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape. Striking a harmonious balance between simplicity and modern comforts, the design of each abode ensures that guests are ensconced in nature without sacrificing the luxuries of contemporary living.

The family-centric treehouse features a snug nook with a queen bed, allowing guests to cocoon themselves from the world’s bustle. This theme of immersive seclusion is accentuated by expansive windows, inviting the surrounding forest’s serenity into every room. The accompanying wooden decks extend this communion with nature, making guests feel as if they are truly part of the forest canopy.

But the Skamania Lodge Treehouses experience doesn’t end at the threshold. Outside, crackling fire pits await, beckoning families and couples to huddle close and relish life’s simpler joys. And to sweeten the experience? Each treehouse offers complimentary s’mores kits, bringing a dash of nostalgia to these cherished moments. Starting at €425 per night, the treehouses promise an unforgettable sojourn amidst nature’s grandeur.

Photo © Skamania Lodge / Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Skamania Lodge Treehouse