Treehouse in the USA: Skamania Lodge Treehouse

Elevated 15-20 feet above the ground and nestled in the tall Douglas Firs of the Columbia River Gorge, Skamania Lodge Treehouse offer a simple yet stunning aesthetic that connects guests with the beauty of one of the most iconic landscapes in the country

Skamania Lodge Treehouse is set in a gorgeous area of the USA, only a few miles away from the Osprey Treehouse at the Skamania Covers Resort. The Colombia River Gorge is beset on both sides by an old, evergreen forest, and this canyon is one of the most iconic landscapes in the country. It is up to 4,000 feet deep and stretches for more than 80 miles. Many people in search of an escape to the great outdoors, to immerse themselves in the very best that nature has to offer, head to this area of the country, and what better way to experience this stunning landscape than from a treehouse set in the forest.

All three of the treehouses available at Skamania Lodge Treehouse are elevated at least 15 feet off of the ground and surrounded by tall, Douglas fir trees. One house is large enough for a family to stay, the others suitable for romantic getaways for 2. The treehouses envoke a feeling of simplicity, and the design of them reflects this feeling while also providing all the conveniences of modern life for the ultimate comfortable stay.

The family treehouse at Skamania Lodge Treehouse has its queen bed set in a cozy ‘nook’ of the main bedroom, where guests can feel they are hiding from the rest of the world and taking some time, just them and the trees. Each room has huge windows, all the better to enhance the feeling of immersion in the surrounding forest. Each treehouse also has an expansive wooden deck, to allow guests to feel as though they really are living among the trees for the time that they are there.

Outside the treehouses at Skamania Lodge Treehouses are wonderful fire pits, where families or couples can snuggle together of an evening and embrace the simple pleasures in life. This is made easier by the complimentary’s kits included in the room! The rates for the treehouses start at €425 per night.

Photo © Skamania Lodge / Benchmark Resorts & Hotels

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