Khao Sok Treehouse Resort

The owners of the Khao Sok Treehouse Resort have always been inspired by nature, and their desire to be more immersed in the jungle and to live more rurally led them to move to Khao Sok and build 19 treehouses, the highest of which stands an impressive 50 feet up off the ground
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Nestled within the lush confines of the Thai rainforest lies the Khao Sok Treehouse Resort, a haven where nature’s embrace is profound and unyielding. Birthed from its founders’ love for the verdant wilds, this establishment beckons those with a similar penchant for nature, offering an authentic, elevated experience – quite literally.

Motivated by an urge to be ensconced within nature and promote the importance of conservation, the creators of the Khao Sok Treehouse Resort brought a vision to life. Beginning with just 8 unique treehouses, their passion project saw gradual additions each year, culminating in a diverse assortment of 19 treehouses by 2020. Towering as high as 50 feet off the ground, these arboreal abodes provide guests with an unparalleled vantage point over the jungle.

Designed in the traditional belief of living above the jungle floor to keep most of the wildlife at bay, the treehouses offer guests a rare communion with nature. While this elevation might deter some creatures, expect an occasional mosquito or fellow forest dweller to venture in, reminding you of the authentic environment you’re in. For many, witnessing the native Thai wildlife up close is an attraction in itself, and this resort, along with its neighboring national park, offers that promise in abundance.

But the experience isn’t all rugged adventure. The resort boasts a refreshing swimming pool, ensuring guests can unwind and rejuvenate after an adventurous day exploring the national park. And, every treehouse, while authentic in its experience, doesn’t skimp on comfort. Expect Western-style amenities, complete with balconies perfect for immersive nature observations. For a blend of adventure and comfort amidst nature’s grandeur, rates at the Khao Sok Treehouse Resort start from a modest €40 per night.

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