Treehouse Gabrielle d’Estrees

The Gabrielle d'Estrées tree house hotel is a small yet cozy place built 24 feets (8 meters) off the ground, on a 150 years old oak tree, an hour drive from Paris.
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Perched 24 feet (8 meters) above the ground on the sturdy branches of a 150-year-old oak tree, the Gabrielle d’Estrées Tree House offers a sanctuary just an hour’s drive from Paris, in the picturesque village of Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine. For those craving a taste of historic charm, a swift 47-minute train journey can whisk you away to this tranquil oasis.

Designed to accommodate two guests, this intimate retreat positions its residents between the majestic Castle of Graville and its expansive forest. Its location boasts unparalleled views: vast fields, verdant woods, and the distant contours of Graville Castle. Within the tree house, comfort meets simplicity. A snug double bed awaits weary travelers, while a south-facing deck features a hammock, inviting guests to drift into sleep under a canopy of stars or welcome the golden embrace of dawn.

With no electricity, the treehouse’s ambiance harks back to a simpler era. As dusk approaches, candles cast a gentle, romantic glow throughout the space.

But the Gabrielle d’Estrées doesn’t stop at providing just shelter. It ensures its guests dine in style. Whether you’re inclined toward a breezy picnic or a delectable gourmet feast, your wishes will be met and served right to your treetop doorstep. Come morning, a delightful breakfast basket awaits retrieval at the tree’s base. But be swift! Local squirrels and horses, driven by curiosity (or hunger), often inspect these morning deliveries.

For those itching to explore, Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine’s proximity to Fontainebleau is a boon. Just 5km (3 miles) away, Fontainebleau boasts a vast, scenic forest, a favored retreat for Parisians, and the historic Château de Fontainebleau, a testament to France’s royal past. It’s an unmissable attraction.

Ready for a treehouse retreat with a touch of royalty? The Gabrielle d’Estrees tree house hotel awaits. Secure your stay on Airbnb, with prices beginning at $140/night.

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Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine 77670 Île-de-France FR
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