Between Alder And Oak Treehouse

The Zwischen Erle und Eiche treehouse is built on a very beautiful, park-like property close to Osnabrück, North-West Germany, and its structure is characterized by its curved roof, generously fitted with glazing on all sides and a large dormer window
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Tucked away in the picturesque park-like landscapes near Osnabrück, North-West Germany, stands the enchanting “Zwischen Erle und Eiche” treehouse. The name, which translates to “Between Alder and Oak,” paints a vivid image of its placement—nestled seamlessly between the sturdy branches of an alder and an oak tree.

One of the most distinguishing features of this treehouse is its undulating roof. Designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings, the roof complements the serenity of the woods, making it a true architectural masterpiece. The abundant glazing on all sides, coupled with a prominent dormer window, allows an influx of natural light, casting a warm and welcoming glow inside.

As you approach this secluded hideaway, a meticulously crafted staircase beckons you upwards. It ushers guests to the initial terrace, a space thoughtfully designed to accommodate a table and a smattering of chairs. Here, visitors can indulge in tranquil moments, soaking in the ambient sounds of the forest.

A few steps further, and you ascend into the heart of the treehouse—the cabin. Elevated a meter above the terrace, the cabin is a sanctuary offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of sprawling fields and dense woods. The interiors of the cabin exude an air of warmth and coziness. A plush lying area, strategically positioned to offer the best views, invites relaxation. Opposite it, a bench serves as the perfect spot for contemplative moments or engaging conversations. Adding a touch of functionality to elegance, oak drawers are ingeniously embedded beneath the lying area and bench, maximizing space without compromising on aesthetics.

The “Zwischen Erle und Eiche” is not just a treehouse; it’s an experience. Every element, from its design to its furnishings, is a testament to the beauty of integrating modern architecture with the timeless charm of nature.

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