The Scout Treehouse

Built by a group of scouts, the Scout Treehouse project is the results of a cooperation between the city of Wolfsburg and the local scout organization VCP Wolfsburg, and serves as a meeting and sleeping place for scout groups.
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In the heart of Wolfsburg, an architectural wonder stands tall, a symbol of community collaboration and youthful innovation—the Scout Treehouse. Birthed from a partnership between the city of Wolfsburg and the VCP Wolfsburg scout organization, this treehouse stands not merely as a structure, but as a beacon of community spirit.

Conceived and constructed by a dedicated troop of scouts, the treehouse is multifunctional, serving as both a gathering point and a slumber haven for scout groups. Moreover, its doors are open to families and groups, offering them the unique opportunity to experience treetop living during their stay at the campsite.

A closer look at its architectural details reveals its sheer brilliance. Larch posts form the sturdy foundation that supports the twin treehouse cabins and their accompanying terraces. The lower cabin is designed as a cozy sleeping alcove, comfortably accommodating up to 8 individuals. Ascend a bit higher, and you’ll discover the upper treehouse—a communal space equipped with cooking amenities, a sizable dining table, and a wood-burning stove, ensuring warmth during colder months.

The living area, perched just a meter above, is the epitome of rustic charm, complete with benches, an oven, and a compact yet efficient kitchen. While both treehouses exhibit slightly arched roofs and share structural similarities, they have distinctive touches. The window placements and interior furnishings vary between the two, adding unique character to each.

Witnessing the treehouse’s external and internal beauty becomes even more special when understanding the vision behind it. Here, it’s more than just wood and nails—it’s about fostering camaraderie, nurturing nature appreciation, and creating lasting memories.

For those wishing to delve deeper into the treehouse’s architectural intricacies or perhaps draw inspiration for a project of their own, Baumraum, the official source, provides detailed insights. A special nod to photographers Alasdair Jardine, who captured the treehouse’s majestic exterior, and Tim Mrzyglod, who brilliantly showcased its inviting interiors.

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