The Spreebogen Treehouse

The Spreebogen treehouse is a rounded, metallic cabin located on the bank of the river Spree, which is the brainchild of an entrepreneur who saw the potential of the Spree river location for his business and a marina at one of the old river ports in Berlin, Germany
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In the bustling city of Berlin, nestled beside the Spree river, lies an architectural gem: the Spreebogen Treehouse. Rooted in the vision of an astute entrepreneur who recognized the Spree river’s untapped potential, this unique project seamlessly blends modern design with the natural beauty of the riverbank.

Over time, the old river port has undergone significant transformation, now boasting yachts, houseboats, and even a floating hostel. Among these updates, one particularly enchanting addition stands out – a treehouse, inspired by a majestic weeping willow kissing the river’s edge.

The Spreebogen treehouse is nothing short of a contemporary masterpiece. Its design exudes a modern aesthetic with its rounded silhouette, metallic sheen, and precise digital laser-cut finish. The resilient stainless steel shell of the treehouse is both visually stunning and robust, ensuring longevity against the elements. Moreover, its construction is a feat in engineering, as the treehouse delicately balances on supports and cables intricately tied to the weeping willow. This ingenious design not only anchors the structure but also respects the willow, ensuring its health and growth remain unhindered.

Inside, the treehouse offers a sanctuary of comfort and style. Accommodating up to 3 people, the interiors are a testament to minimalist luxury. Guests are treated to plush bedding, a cozy sofa, and a functional fold-out table that doubles as a workspace — perfect for those who wish to mix business with leisure. High-gloss fitted furniture, pristine white walls, and ceilings bathed in natural light create an atmosphere of serenity. The subtle touch of oak on the flooring and furniture edging adds warmth, grounding the space and echoing the tree that cradles it.

As cities continue to grow and urbanize, havens like the Spreebogen Treehouse remind us of the harmonious union between nature and modern living. Here, on the banks of the Spree river, guests can drift into a world where the rustle of willow leaves, the gentle hum of the city, and the tranquil flow of water converge into a melody of relaxation and wonder.

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Grünauer Straße 3
Berlin 12557 Berlin DE
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Home » Listings » Europe » Germany » The Spreebogen Treehouse